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Success Stories

Quit Smoking

I would not have been able to give up smoking on my own. I felt hypnosis helped me achieve this.
Jennifer Hughes Mayo,

I would highly recommend Niamh Flynn for quitting smoking. Had cravings for first two days and after listening to her follow up cd the cravings went. I now listen to the cd once as week to make sure I dont get cravings. I now consider myself a non-smoker.  Pauline, Mayo,

I am 5 weeks off the cigs with the help of Niamh. I have loads of energy and my skin looks great. I was smoking for 16 years and thought I’d never get off them. Thank you so much Niamh. Síle Bhreathnach, Galway 

One of the most amazing moments of my life. Was not 100% I could achieve non-smoking, now I am one of them and for one month going strong. Donal, Galway

I am extremely satisfied. I am off the cigarettes after 40 years of smoking. Niamh was so professional and I will be recommending the session to friends.  John Flannery, Mayo,

Its been two months since I was hypnotized and the longest I have not smoked in 9 years. I have had no cravings and have actually lost weight. I would recommend it to anybody who really wants to stop smoking.
Laura, Galway,

I was a pretty heavy smoker, I was so addicted to the cigs, I smoked my first and last cigarette while still in my bed. i just could not be without them! I had tried the patches and the gum but failed within the first two days. My dad recommended me to try hypnosis with Niamh Flynn so i did! And I can now say its been over four and half months, and I am a happy nonsmoker, giving them up was so easy and pain free.
And it gets easier every day!
Keith McGuire, Ballinasloe, Galway

Even though it is early days I can honestly say that following my session with Niamh I have found giving up cigarettes a very easy and positive experience and even enjoyable exercise as it has left me calmer in myself. Excellent help and follow up. Thank you.
Yvonne, Galway,

My resolve to get off the cigarettes was strengthened by hypnotherapy and I would certainly recommend it to family and friends.
Bernie Doyle, Galway,

I probably would not have been successful giving up the cigarettes on my own and I am delighted to have got the help. I am off the cigarettes a year and have not looked back.
Noel, Galway

I found the giving up smoking excellent. I have not smoked since the day of the hypnosis and I found the cd really helpful too for staying off them. I am off them 3 months now and feel really great.
Suzanne Sheerin, Galway.

I heard of Niamh’s clinic through a friend who lost over 5 stone with her help. I said to myself that if she could stop me smoking (after numerous failed attempts on my own!) then it was worth a go. That was over 5 months ago and I have never looked back. If you really want to give up smoking easily, and with no withdrawal symptoms, then I could not recommend Niamh Flynn enough. All you need is her help and your own will power! I have recently started attending her clinic for weight control and the first stone flew off and I know the rest of it will follow.
Cathy, Tuam, Galway