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Success Stories

Fears / Phobias / Confidence

Niamh has opened up my life. My fears are not the be all and end all of my everyday life; I feel fantastic. I would advise people who want to change areas of their life to visit Niamh.
Jo. Galway

Talking to Niamh about my fears and difficulties in social situations felt like confiding in a caring friend. Her calm, professional manner made my journey inward feel safe and comfortable. The results are truly amazing. Truly grateful.
Teresa. Galway

I attended hypnotherapy sessions with Niamh Flynn in order to reduce my level of anxiety in social situations. I found the sessions very beneficial and extremely relaxing. They also helped me to achieve my goal of actually enjoying social situations instead of dreading them.
Ann, Galway

Hypnotherapy with Niamh changed my life at a time that I was at an all time low. I will never forget it. It gave me my confidence back and brought meaning back into my life.
Sharon, Mayo

Hi Niamh, a short note to let you know I am teaching groups of 30-40 people as if I had done it all my life. No more clammy hands, no nerves (except maybe when I make the odd mistake and even then I use the magic word to calm myself down really quickly and it works!). I am able to do the job I love to do now.
Thanks Niamh,
Jenny, Galway

Hey Niamh, Amy here. I did a gig last night and I did’nt have any nerves. I felt as if I owned the stage!
Thanks so much!
Amy Moore, (Singer) Dublin

HI Niamh, Just want to let you know I went to Rome about three weeks ago and the flight was fine. It is difficult to believe I was so scared to fly for the last few years. Now, I am already planning the next trip although I have not decided where to go to yet - I’ll send you a postcard!
Thanks for your help - and your patience!!
Laura, Mayo

I feel that this gave me a chance to regain confidence that I had lost over time. It gives me a firm foundation to start building my confidence. The cds have been a great help. Gerard, Donegal,