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Lose Weight Easily! Now!

Are You Serious about Losing Weight?

Our weight loss programme is easy and effective. We recommend 6 sessions over 6 weeks initially and you will notice a difference even after the first session. On completion of the 6 week Weight Loss programme, to keep you on track you will receive:

  • 3 Hypnosis Weight Loss CDs
  • Ten minute Booster Hypnosis CD
  • Maintaining Your Weight Loss CD
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis CD

Whether you are looking to feel full after less food or cut out the cravings for chips/burgers/sweets/chocolate or any other high calorie foods
hypnosis makes it easy.

As for the ’side effects’ of hypnosis; well, there are a few…

Here’s some of them…

  • Side Effects!
  • More Energy!
  • Feel Fantastic!
  • Look Great!
  • Increased Confidence!
  • Decreased Stress!
  • Ongoing Support!
  • Learn How To Keep The Weight Off!
  • Expert Advice!
  • Professional Service!
  • How You Lose Weight Easily
  • Feel Full After Less Food!
  • Say No To Junk Foods Easily!
  • Enjoy Eating Healthy Foods!
  • Enjoy Exercising! Yes Really!!

Weight Loss Success Stories

How To Book An Appointment

Once you have decided to lose weight and you really are serious about losing weight, our Bodywatch programme makes it easy. We will guide you step by step so that you reach your target goal within a reasonable time and then we will help you to keep it off!

We invite you to visit us in The Galway Clinic.

Call us today to make an appointment on

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